Volume 10

Volume 10, Number 1 | JOHN MARSHALL | 2017



A Roadmap To A Statewide Business Court Model In Georgia

Jody Rhodes

Modern Protection Of Business Interests Through Trade Secret Enforcement

Audra A. Dial

Ethical Implications Of The Liberalization Of The Legal Industry In Modern Business Discovery

Erin Corken



Navigating Georgia’s New Wage Garnishment Law

John Padesky

What Is The Proper Test? The Implications Of Quigg V. Thomas County School District On Mixed-motive Title Vii Cases At Summary Judgment

Michael C. Wynter

Interpreting The 2011 Georgia Restrictive Covenants Statute: How To Fix Its Ambiguities And Allow The Blue Pencil While Deterring The In Terorrem Effect

Tyler Watkins



House Bill 1: Haleigh’s Hope Act

Tarla Atwell & Shantia Jones

House Bill 34: Georgia Right To Try Act

Andrew J. Puckett

House Bill 152: Michael’s Law

Tara E. Latimer

House Bill 205: Drivers’ Licenses; Require Driver Who Refused Blood Alcohol Concentration Testing To Install And Maintain Ignition Interlock Devices On Vehicle; Provisions

Rodrequez Burnett

House Bill 229: Domestic Relations; Grandparent Rights To Visitation And Intervention To Great-grandparents And Siblings Of Parents; Expand

Teresa Gohlke

House Bill 272: Minimum Wage; Provide For Substantive And Comprehensive Reform Of Provisions Regarding The Law; Provisions

Stacey Burke

House Bill 792: Firearms; Carrying, Possession, And Use Of Electroshock Weapons By Persons Who Are Students Or Who Are Employed At A Public Institution

Kristan Polard

House Bill 808: Courts; Judicial Qualifications Commission; Create

Gabriel L. Daniel

House Bill 887: Courts; Parental Rights; Prioritize Placement Of A Child With An Adult Or Fictive Kin Qualified To Care For Such Child

Ellen D. Dorsey

Senate Bill 133: Opportunity School District; Establishment; Provide For Definitions; Supervision Of Public Elementary And Secondary Schools That Are Failing

Kamaria Womack

Senate Bill 304: Compassionate Care For Victims Of Sexual Assault Act

Brandi Munroe Sluss