Volume 5, Number 2

Volume 5, Number 2 | JOHN MARSHALL | 2012



U Non-Immigrant Status: Encouraging Cooperation Between Immigrant Communities and Law Enforcement Agencies

Tracie L. Klinke & Alpa Amin

Human Rights Enforcement in U.S. Immigration Law: A Missed Opportunity for Engagement with International Law?

Glenna MacGregor & Jessica C. Morris

Build a Better Mousetrap and the World Will Beat a Path to Your Door: Can the Employment-Based Immigration Process Be Improved?

Anton F. Mertens

Assessing the Moral Status of State Immigration Actions

David T. Ritchie



Stopping the Rotting: A Proposal for a Georgia-Specific Guestworker Program

Thomas J. Lyman

Misguided Interpretation is Not “Immutable”: A Critique of the Board of Immigration Appeals’ Interpretation of “Membership in a Particular Social Group” Under United States Asylum Law – A Proposed Standard

Matthew Shelton Nestrud

Implied Consent and Non-English Speakers

Ashton Sappington



151st Georgia General Assembly 2011 Legislative Session:

House Bill 59: Lawful Presence Verification; Postsecondary Educations; Reserve Benefits

Viridiana G. Carreon & Dave Williamson

House Bill 72: Drivers’ Licenses; Examinations Only in English Language

Renatto Garcia & Jenna L. Melton

House Bill 87: Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act of 2011

Penelope Hansen, Tiffany E. Norris, Michelle Thompson, Kristen A. Turner & Ethan Williams

House Bill 87: Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act of 2011 (E-Verify),

Jennifer K. Walker & Elizabeth J. Young

Senate Bill 27: Georgia Public Works and Contractor Protection Act

Ginger Fowler, Joy Smith & Shaheem Williams

Senate Bill 104: State Government; Prohibit Policies by Local Governments that Limit/Restrict the Enforcement of Immigration Laws

Logan Millians, Tyler S. Sims & Benjamin C. Stidham

Senate Bill 133: Peace Officers; Persons Given Permanent Resident Status; Eligible to be Certified and Employed as Peace Officers in this State

Audrey D. Holliday & Kamau Hull

Senate Bill 162: Rules of the Road; Provide Driving Under Influence of Alcohol/Drugs by Illegal Alien Is a Felony

Kandice M. Allen & Christine Saad