Relocation Tuition Credit Application

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    By signing or electronically transmitting this application, I certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the information provided is both complete and correct. I hereby agree to promptly advise the Director of Admissions of any change in any of the facts indicated in this application. I understand that any falsification or misrepresentation on or omission from this application may be grounds for denial, or, if I am accepted, for revocation of acceptance, suspension, or dismissal from Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School, or revocation of a degree. In submitting this application, I indicate my willingness to accept and adhere to the Code of Student Responsibility, and recognize that I will be subject to the procedures and regulations of the law school. For information regarding the Law School's policy on disability accommodations, please see Section 507 of the Dean's Office Regulations, which can be accessed online at
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If you would like to utilize the Connect with a Roommate form to help you find a potential roommate, please complete the form by July 15. A link to the form will also be accessible on the confirmation receipt page upon completing this application. This is not a matching service therefore it is your responsibility to contact the potential roommate.