Welcome to the Fall 2019 1L Class

Welcome to Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School! Please read this carefully, as it contains information that is essential to starting your law school career on the right foot.


Orientation is hosted by the Office of Student Affairs. Attendance at orientation is mandatory, but the programs should help to prepare you for the first-year experience – one of the most intellectually challenging and rewarding experiences of your life. For more information, please visit the orientation page.

AJMLS Email Account

You will be receiving your AJMLS email account at a later date. Once you have access to your AJMLS email account, it’s important that you check this account daily for information relating to the New Student Orientation, financial aid, billing, health insurance, reading assignments for the first day of classes, the peer mentoring program, purchasing books for classes, registration, student organization membership, and more. Throughout your law school career, information that you need to receive in a timely manner will be communicated to you through your AJMLS email account. If your email account is full, or you do not check your account regularly, you will miss important information and deadlines.

You will also need a Westlaw password and username before classes commence – Please also expect to receive this at a later date. This password and username will give you access to TWEN, an online extension of the law school classroom. Some of your professors will require you to use TWEN to access your course materials, participate in class discussions, receive and submit online assignments, complete quizzes, exchange e-mail messages with your instructors and classmates, and more. To participate in TWEN, you need to have your Westlaw password and username handy.

First Day of Classes and First Class Assignments

Details are forthcoming. Please expect to receive information about registering for classes over the summer. This information will be sent to your AJMLS email account. Because your first-year courses are required courses and are chosen for you, the registration process is simple and will consist primarily of you reviewing and signing off on your schedule.

Access to your booklist and first class assignments will also be made available to you in the coming months.

Peer Mentoring Program

To help first-year students navigate the first-year experience, AJMLS pairs all first-year students with peer mentors, upper-class students who were hand-picked, based on their academic success, interpersonal skills, and/or strong leadership skills. The overall objective of the AJMLS Peer Mentoring Program is to improve the quality of life for the new student by providing academic, social and personal support. You will meet your peer mentor at Orientation. Questions about the Peer Mentoring Program may be addressed to the Office of Student Affairs.