From the Office of Pro Bono Outreach and Externships


Spring Externship News

Please remember that students will no longer be able to register for externships online.  The new process requires that you complete a Student Action Request and have it signed by Professor Turner or her assistant, Ms. Ortega.  You must turn in your externship Secured Placement Form at the time you present your action request for signature.

Spring Externship Timetable

September 24, 2012                Pre-registration form and resumes deadline

October 8-26, 2012                 Interviews

November 5, 2012                  Offers due

November 19, 2012                Last day to register for spring

January 18, 2012                     Last day to Drop/Add for the spring

October is Pro Bono Month

Once again you’ve been challenged!  October is Pro Bono Month.  We want to exceed our target from last year.  The goal is 1,000 hours during the month of October.  Last year we were just shy of 600.   The Office of Pro Bono Outreach and Externships is challenging Atlanta’s John Marshall students, faculty, and staff to earn 1,000 hours of pro bono credit in October as part of Georgia’s Pro Bono Month and National Pro Bono Week.  Be on the look-out (JMTV, Flyers, student notices, newsletters, and the Office of Pro Bono Outreach & Externships webpage) for pro bono opportunities. You don’t have to look far for pro bono opportunities. There are several planned here at John Marshall.

  • Rights Restoration Project – Help criminal offenders transition back into society and help reduce recidivism. Meet with Ms. Ortega to help update the Home for Good  re-entry guide – a Q&A on how to find a job, get documentation, housing, etc. On October 20, we will also be hosting a Re-Entry Forum at the Blackburn Center. Contact Ms. Ortega at for more details.
  • Home for Good Re-entry Forum – Participate in a forum designed to educate and help those re-entering from prison to integrate successfully back into their communities.  This year’s forum is October 20, 2012 from 4 p.m.- 8 p.m.  Contact Ms. Ortega at for more details.
  • Georgia Bar Association Video Project – Get involved in a new partnership with the Georgia Bar Association. John Marshall has been asked to create videos for its legal reference guide. This is an ongoing project and can be done at your convenience. Contact Megan McClinton at for more information.

If you’re looking for more opportunities, go to the Pro Bono Outreach TWEN page. For more information on any of these projects or other pro bono opportunities, contact the PBOE Office at

Each week, we will update our progress on a thermometer in the first floor lobby.  Be sure to submit your pro bono hours to the PBOE Office using the form on TWEN, so your hours can be counted.  We want to recognize you, so report your pro bono hours to  Your report should include number of hours worked, where they were earned, and the impact your service had on the community.

Save the Date:  Home for Good – Re-entry Forum

Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School aims to prepare highly competent lawyers who are committed to the improvement of the legal system and society.    This year, we are pleased to partner with Formerly Incarcerated Persons- Effective Re-Entry Collaborative (F.I.P.-E.R.C) to present the Home for Good: Overcoming Legal Barriers for Re-Entry Forum on Saturday, October 20, 2012 from 4 p.m.- 8 p.m.  As a part of the forum, we have judiciously selected individuals, agencies and organizations that have supported the re-entry efforts by breaking down barriers, helping individuals and families’ transition, and advocate just treatment and transition that support preventing or reducing recidivism.

In addition to recognizing the individuals and organizations that are making great strides in the community, we will also facilitate an informative and interactive public discussion between academics, community, religious leaders, ex-offenders, government agencies, non-profit groups, and law students.  The forum will culminate with the development of an action plan that will make the criminal justice system less devastating for families and communities impacted by incarceration. We look forward to convening organizations and individuals in an effort to create new partnerships and resources for those in need of services.   Students please get involved.  This event is eligible for pro bono credit.

Your Vote Counts

Registration to vote in the Presidential Election ends on October 9, 2012!

To register, you must be:

18 years old

A citizen of the U.S.

A legal resident of your county

NOT held to be mentally incompetent by a judge

NOT serving a sentence for a felony/crime involving moral turpitude

Visit the Georgia Secretary of State website for more info!

Contact the Pro Bono Office if you have any questions or need voter registration form!

Georgia Election Protection

Currently seeking volunteers to participate in voter protection program!

  • Help ensure that all voters have a chance to participate in the election process!
  • Excellent networking opportunity with large Atlanta firms and Atlanta attorneys at the State Bar and Troutman Sanders!
  • Earn Pro Bono Hours while you protect voting rights!

For more information please contact Megan McClinton at or Lauren McAlpin at