Fulton County Superior Court - Family Law Division

The Family Division was created in July 1988 to address the needs of families litigating cases in the Fulton County Superior Court. The objectives of the Family Division are • To address and adjudicate issues affecting the same family in a single court system; • To screen and coordinate court petitions at the time of filing to promote earlier, more effective resolution of family issues; • To improve the speed and certainty with which family disputes are resolved; • To provide intervention services that will help improve outcomes for families including mediation, counseling, parental education, psychological evaluation and testing, services for children and referrals to community based services; and • To provide user friendly and accessible consultation and information to the public on family law issues.

Student externs will perform a number of tasks that will work under the supervision of the Director and staff attorneys to help the Family Division meet its objectives. Students  will be put in direct contact with litigants, including screening.

Students must be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays morning for court. Preference is given to students who have worked with diverse populations including underprivileged communities.


Granvette Matthews , Director

Dept:Fulton County Superior Court


Family Law Division
136 Pryor Street, S.W.
Suite C-826

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Phone: 404-224-0505

Website: http://www.fultoncourt.org/family/family-flic.php