Fulton County Office of Child Attorneys

The Fulton County Office of Child Attorneys is committed to the care, safety and welfare of children involved in deprivation proceedings. This agency provides zealous and effective client-directed advocacy for the rights and protection of children alleged to be neglected and/or abused throughout the entire deprivation process including any Termination of Rights (TPR) proceeding. In addition to trial advocacy, we provide educational advocacy, conduct child interviews, referrals for general social services, referrals for comprehensive family assessments, referrals for investigative services, and referrals for community resource matching. Our goals and objectives are first is to ensure that every child’s voice is heard in every court proceeding which affects his or her life. Second, to ensure that every stakeholder in the child protection system has the necessary education and training to put a child’s safety and well-being above all else; and third to ensure that Georgia’s child welfare laws reflect the needs of our children and are a model for the nation.


Roberta Cooper , Supervising Attorney

Dept:Fulton County Office of Child Attorneys


Fulton County Juvenile Court
395 Pryor Street Southwest
Suite 4098

Atlanta, Georgia 30312

Phone: 404-613-4712