Pro Bono Outreach

The AJMLS Pro Bono Program is structured as a Formal Voluntary Program. The Office of Experiential Learning and Pro Bono Programs maintains a list of pro bono organizations and opportunities. Students select the pro bono activity that interests them and contacts the organization to volunteer. The student provides the Office with the name of the organization and the number of hours worked. The Office keeps track of the hours each student volunteers. Students with the most volunteer hours are recognized at graduation and celebrated during the academic year.


The AJMLS Pro Bono Program reinforces the mission of the law school – promoting the development of a student body and faculty with a strong social conscious and dedication to improving the legal system and society.

Pro Bono Brochure

Click the link for the Pro Bono Brochure (updated in 2015).


Dr. Bridgett Ortega, Assistant Dean of Experiential Learning