FAQ for Pro Bono

Students who have any questions pertaining to pro bono programs are welcome to speak with the Office of Student Affairs and Pro Bono Programs. 1. When do I have to turn in my timesheets? All time sheets should be sent to the pro bono email at probono@johnmarshall.edu. Hours are due by April 1 of each year, especially for graduating students. You are free to submit timesheets before April. 2. Can I get pro bono credit for work done at a non-profit externship? You may get credit for work at a non-profit externship AFTER you have completed the number of work hours needed to fulfill your externship. If the placement is non-profit, but does not provide direct benefit to persons of limited means, only half of the credit will be counted. 3. Does non-legal volunteer work count? All volunteer work will count towards your first year community service requirement. After those four hours are counted, only pro bono work will count. 4. Can I volunteer at an organization not listed as an approved placement? Yes. The placement list is not exclusive and students are encouraged to find volunteer opportunities that match their interests.