Notification of Awards and Disbursement of Funds

Students who are determined eligible for financial aid will receive an award letter at the beginning of the academic year informing them of the amount and type of aid they will receive each semester.  Student awards may consist of a combination of Institutional Scholarships and Federal Direct Student Loans. The Office of Financial Aid assumes students will accept all financial aid offered, including student loans, unless the student notifies the office to remove or adjust the offered aid prior to disbursement.  Disbursement of financial aid will occur no earlier than 10 days following the add/drop period of each semester.  The Office of Financial Aid bases all initial award amounts on full-time (15 credit hours) or part-time (9 credit hours) enrollment.  For students who are enrolled less than full-time or part-time, some awards may be prorated or canceled at the time of disbursement. Your enrollment status will be frozen at its highest level each semester after the add/drop period and will be the basis of your Cost of Attendance.  You must maintain a half-time enrollment status (4 credit hours) in order to receive your financial aid awards.  Federal Direct Loan funds are paid in a single disbursement during the loan period. New federal regulations require that if you receive a loan and withdraw from all of your classes, you may owe money to the Federal Student Loan programs or the law school.  Note: If you withdraw after 60 percent of your attendance in a semester, you will not be required to return any of your loan funds (Please see the 2013-2014 Terms_and_Conditions policy regarding Return of Title IV funds). In order to receive financial aid disbursements in a timely manner, please be sure that your correct payment information and address is in our computer system at least 10 days prior to the disbursement date.  Please notify the Registrar’s Office of changes of address and please notify the Student Accounts of changes of bank account information as soon as possible. The above Information is subject to change as required by new Federal or Institutional policies and regulations.