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“John Marshall’s externship program offers quality field placements that develop professional and practical skills while ensuring  successful and meaningful on-the-job performance.” Paul Nam, Graduate (’12)

Tuition & Financial Aid

Financial Aid – LL.M. for the Practice of Law in the United States

Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School is committed to assisting students in determining how best to finance their legal education. Our team of dedicated and competent financial aid administrators look forward to assisting you throughout your LL.M. enrollment. We invite you to contact us if you have any questions about financial aid opportunities at AJMLS.

Students in the residential LL.M. for the Practice of Law in the United States program may be eligible to receive Title IV aid from the Department of Education. The AJMLS School Code is: G31733. Students may apply for Federal Student loans by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) via FAFSA on the web at www.fafsa.ed.gov.

Office of Financial Aid
Montre Everett – Director of Financial Aid

Phone: (404) 872-3593 ext. 255
Fax: (404) 873-3802
E-mail: financialaid@johnmarshall.edu

Estimated Cost of Attendance for the LL.M. for the Practice of Law in the United States

Note:  The tuition total below is based on 26 credit hours. Adjust that number ± $1,242 per credit hour depending on your registered credit hours. Estimates of other expenses such as books and living expenses are based on student survey data and represent the average amount spent over a nine-month academic year (Fall and Spring Semesters).

Tuition & Fees* $37,773

Room & Board $10,920

Transportation/Commuter Cost $ 4,200

Books and Supplies $ 2,520

Personal/miscellaneous Expense $ 3,400

Health Insurance (Annual) $ 1,560

Academic Success Program Fee $ 805

Total Estimated Cost of Attendance $57,410

* Annual Student Bar Association Fee charged in fall semester only – $165

Tuition Due Date

Full payment of each semester’s tuition is due on the first day of classes for that semester. To make a payment online, click here. Any student who has an outstanding balance owing from previous semesters will not be permitted to register for the current semester. Exceptions to this payment policy are made for students who have been approved for participation in the Tuition Installment Payment Program.

The law school will not release a student’s official transcript, for any purpose, unless the student is current in his or her financial obligations to the school.

Tuition Installment Payment Program

LL.M. students who are current in their financial obligations to the law school may elect to participate in the Tuition Installment Payment Program.  Students who are interested in participating in the Program must contact the Student Accounts Office prior to registration. To participate, students must execute a Promissory Note, pay a $75 participation fee and make a minimum tuition payment of $500 each semester they participate in the program. The remaining balance of tuition is paid in four (4) monthly installments due on the 15th of each month of the semester. More information about the Tuition Installment Payment Plan is available here.

Refund Policy

If a student withdraws during one of the following periods, tuition will be adjusted in accordance with the schedule set forth below. All additional fees charged by the law school are non-refundable.

During the first week of regular classes 80%
During the second week of regular classes 40%
After the second week of regular classes 0%