Is the online LL.M. in American Legal Studies program approved by the American Bar Association?

Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School is accredited by the ABA. The ABA does not accredit LL.M. programs in the way that it accredits law schools. Rather, ABA accredited law schools apply to the ABA for acquiescence to offer LL.M. degrees. The ABA has acquiesced in the online LL.M. in American Legal Studies.

What is the duration of the LL.M. program?

The LL.M. degree is earned upon satisfactory completion of 24 credit hours over four semesters. Students complete six units of academic credit each semester, taking two courses each semester. Upon completion of the program, students have the option of attending the Capstone Colloquium at the law school in Atlanta. For complete information, please view the Academic Calendar.

How do I apply to the LL.M. Program? What is the deadline?

Complete instructions regarding how to apply, required documentation and admissions criteria are available on the How to Apply page. There is no admissions deadline for the LL.M. program. Applications are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis.

What is the cost of the program?

Tuition for the 2016-2017 academic year is $1,321 per credit hour. The online LL.M. in American Legal Studies degree consists of a minimum of 24 credit hours.

What is the class size for LL.M. courses?

Students will be grouped into cohorts of approximately 15 students when they enter the LL.M. program and the cohort will stay together throughout the four semester program. Demand makes it possible to enroll more than one cohort per starting date.

Can previous legal work experience be considered for credits toward the LL.M. degree?

No. You must satisfactorily complete 24 credit hours from the AJMLS LL.M. curriculum to earn the degree.