U.S. Department of Labor - Office of the Solicitor

Placement Description:

The Solicitor’s Office is the legal office of the United States Department of Labor representing its various enforcement agencies such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Mine Safety and Health Administration, Employee Benefits Security Administration, Employment Standards Administration, and Veterans Employment & Training Services.  The Department of Labor has the second largest litigation department in the federal government, and has independent litigation authority.  The extern program provides students with a unique and exceptional litigation experience in the Atlanta regional office, which covers eight southeastern states.  Attorneys in the Atlanta regional office further the Department’s mission of protecting American worker’s rights by prosecuting employers for violations of numerous federal labor and employment laws, including laws governing employee pension and benefit plans (ERISA), occupational and mine safety and health (OSHA & MSHA), wage issues (FLSA), protections for migrant farm workers (MSPA), non-discrimination rights of military service members (USERRA), Title VII type non-discrimination cases under Executive Order 11246, and numerous whistle blower statutes. In addition, attorneys provide advice and written opinions to our numerous client agencies.

Description of Student Work:

Student externs perform a variety of legal tasks, depending on the office’s particular workload at the time of the externship, but are typically exposed to numerous statues and aspects of litigation. To the extent possible, we will accommodate students with a particular interest in a certain client agency or aspect of litigation. In addition to conducting research and writing memoranda, students are able to evaluate cases, participate in all aspects of discovery, negotiate settlements, prepare for and attend depositions, witness interviews or meetings with client agencies, and attend court hearings or trials.  In addition, if their schedule permits, student externs are encouraged to participate in the office’s weekly staff meetings and interact with a wide range of attorney’s in the office.

Course or Other Requirements:

(3) semester hours, one semester requirement.  Administrative law and employment law are recommended but not required.  These courses can be taken concurrently with the placement.  A writing sample must accompany resume and cover letter.

Student Preference:

2L’s, 3L’s and students eligible for 3rd year practice act



Ms. Kristina Harrell , Trial Attorney/ Intern Supervisor

Dept:U.S. Department of Labor - Office of the Solicitor



61 Forsyth Street Southwest
Suite 7T10

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Phone: 404-302-5464

Website: www.dol.gov/sol/