Polk County District Attorney's Office

Placement Description:

The District Attorney is an elected official and the Chief
Prosecution Officer of the Tallapoosa Judicial Circuit, comprised of Polk and
Haralson Counties. Under the Constitution and the laws of the State of Georgia,
the District Attorney is responsible for the prosecution of criminal offenses,
felonies and misdemeanors, committed in Polk and Haralson Counties.

It is the responsibility of the District Attorney’s Office is to
ensure and provide for the fair, effective, and expeditious prosecution of
crimes in Polk and Haralson Counties.

Semester Participation:

Summer, Fall & Spring


Mr. Jack Browning,


Courthouse #1
100 Prior Street
Room 204

Cedartown, Georgia 30125

Website: http://www.polkgeorgia.org/court-system/district-attorney.aspx