Judge W. Fletcher Sams

It is the mission of the State Court of Fayette County to: 1) Uphold and defend the Constitution and laws of the State of Georgia and these United States, as well as the ordinances duly passed by the Fayette County Commission; 2) Treat with fairness and dignity all persons coming before the Court, no matter their station or circumstances in life; 3) Administer justice uniformly and impartially, without prejudice or favor to any party; 4) Provide an open forum for the redress of grievances, both public and private; 5) Maintain the highest standards of judicial ethics and conduct; 6) Efficiently and effectively dispose of all cases on the State Court’s civil and criminal dockets in a timely manner and in accordance with law.


The Honorable W. Fletcher Sams ,

Dept:State Court of Fayette County


P.O. Box 1659

Fayetteville , Georgia 30214