Gwinnett County District Attorney's Office

Placement Description:

The Gwinnett District Attorney’s Office prosecutes all felony prosecutions in the Gwinnett Superior Court. This consists of approximately 6000 felonies of all types including felony thefts, sex crimes, major drug trafficking and importation, sex crimes, assaults, robberies, assaults and homicides. Each year our office takes about 150 cases to trial. There are over 40 Assistant District Attorney’s on staff.

Description of Student Work:

There are three externships available and all are limited to qualified third year students. First is the Superior Court Trial Division Externship. Externs will learn to apply Georgia criminal law to the facts of real cases by learning how to draft indictments. Externs will begin court room experience by conducting preliminary hearings, bond hearings, probation revocations, motions to suppress and discovery. All courtroom work is performed with an Assistant District Attorney present. Some externs have been first or second chair in bench or jury trials. All externs are assigned to a small team of experienced Assistant District Attorney and will become deeply involved in every aspect of their caseload. Individual experiences will vary based on the schedule and skills of the extern, the caseload of the team and the needs of the District Attorney’s Office. Externs will need to be in the office at least two days a week and be able to conduct research on other days as well.


Second is the Juvenile Court Externship. One team of three Assistant District Attorneys prosecute all of the cases in Juvenile Court. Externs assigned there will almost certainly participate in bench trials. Externs will need to be in the office at least two days a week and be able to conduct research on other days as well.


Third is the Research Externship. Specifically designed for those students working other jobs during the day, we offer a limited number of research externship that involve less on-site appearance and more flexible scheduling. Research externs will meet with various Assistant District Attorney’s at mutually agreeable times to discuss specific legal issues in cases. Examples of other projects include reviewing the form charging language to ensure it is current, or researching the significance and impact that a new opinion has on criminal law or procedure. The research extern will keep the Assistant District Attorney apprised of the progress of the research and may meet occasionally for discussion and guidance.

Course or Other Requirements:

Generally speaking, full time or near full time externs have the best experience. Part time externs will have the best experience if they participate for two semesters. The office may ask for a two semester commitment from extern applicants. Returning externs mentor new externs and have the best opportunity for trials. Exceptional externs may be  invited to continue from graduation until bar results are published and will have the best opportunity for trial.

* Preference is given to those students with the most litigation coursework and/or moot court experience

Student Preference:

3rd year practice only

Semester Participation:

Summer, Fall & Spring


Mr. Dan Mayfield , Chief Assistant District Attorney


75 Langley Drive

Lawrenceville , Georgia 30046

Phone: (770) 822-8400