Court of Appeals of Georgia

Placement Description:

The Georgia Court of Appeals is the intermediate appellate court in Georgia. It was established in 1906 and has twelve judges who serve in four divisions. The Court of Appeals has statewide appellate jurisdiction of all cases except those involving constitutional questions, land title disputes, the construction of wills, murder, election contests, habeas corpus, extraordinary remedies, divorce and alimony and cases where original appellate jurisdiction lies with the Supreme Court. The Court of Appeals may certify legal questions to the Supreme Court.

Description of Student Work:

  • The extern will assist the clerk’s office in providing information about the procedures in the Court to parties, attorneys and the public
  • The extern will provide assistance to the docketing clerk for direct appeals in organizing the trial court record for review by the Court of Appeals adn preparing the appeal for docketing.
  • The extern will provide assistance to the Clerk/Court Administrator by reviewing pro se litigant correspondence and drafting response letters.
  • The extern will provide assistance to the Clerk/Court Administrator in surveys, legal research, and drafting general memorandum.
  • The extern will assist in the update of the Clerk’s Internal Operations Manual, the Rules of the Court and the Court History pamphlet.
  • The extern will have an opportunity to observe oral arguments and to review documents and pleadings filed with the Court.
  • The extern will learn about the roles of the judges, court personnel, parties and attorneys in the appellate process.
  • The extern will become familiar with the rules of governing the conduct of parties and attorneys filing in the Court of Appeals.
  • The extern will be assigned other tasks that will be of educational value to the extern and that will benefit the work of the clerk’s office of the Court of Appeals of Georgia.

Student Preference:

No Preference

Semester Participation:

Summer, Fall & Spring



Mr. Stephen E. Castlen, Clerk/Court Administrator


47 Trinity Ave
Suite 501

Atlanta, Georgia 30334

Phone: (404) 651-8498