City of Atlanta Office of the City Solicitor

Placement Description:

City of Atlanta offers an Internship Program designed to assist undergraduate and graduate students with a comprehensive hands-on overview of the legal system.  The program is approximately 8-12 weeks long and can be taken during summer break or during the regular semester.

Description of Student Work:

Internship may include, but is not limited to:

  • Attending regular court sessions held at 8am or 3pm.
  • A ride-along with the Atlanta Police Department
  • A tour and ride-along with the APD Crime Scene Investigators
  • A tour of the Atlanta City Detention Center
  • Candidates will be paired with: an Assistant Solicitor, Pre-trial Intervention Program Coordinator, Warrant Officers, Investigator and Legal Program Assistant.
  • Observing DUI videos with the public defenders or defense attorneys.
  • Contacting victims and insurance companies to verify documents.

Student Preference:

2L’s, 3L’s & students eligible for 3rd year practice are eligible to apply

Course or other requirements:

All candidates must pass a criminal background check and at the conclusion of the program Interns are required to write a minimum (10) page paper about their experience.

Application Process:

Submit a cover letter and resume to the Intern Coordinator.  Candidates must complete an application, schedule and interview and successfully complete a background check.

Semester Participation:

Summer, Fall & Spring




Mr. Marcel Reed, Intern Coordinator


150 Garnett Street
3rd Floor

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Phone: (404) 658-6702