Chief Judge Yvette Miller

The Court of Appeals of Georgia is the intermediate appellate court for the State of Georgia. Currently, the Court has twelve judges and four divisions. The Court has a chief judge who is the administrative head of the Court. Each division, which is a panel of three judges, is headed by a presiding judge. The Court of Appeals of Georgia reviews all appeals from the trial courts in which jurisdiction is not exclusively reserved to the Supreme Court. The Constitution the State of Georgia, Article VI, Section VI, Para. I et seq., provides that the Supreme Court has exclusive jurisdiction over election contests, the construction of treaties or the Constitutions of the State of Georgia and the United States and challenges to the constitutionality of a law, ordinance or constitutional provision. The Supreme Court has general appellate jurisdiction over cases involving title to land; equity; wills; habeas corpus; extraordinary remedies; divorce and alimony; all cases certified to it by the Court of Appeals and all cases in which a sentence of death was or could be imposed.


Chief Judge Yvette Miller ,

Dept:Georgia Court of Appeals


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