FAQ for Information Technology

The Office of Information Technology is committed to offering technical service and assistance to all students, faculty, and staff at the law school. From day-to-day needs to help with exam software, the IT department is available and equipped to handle any technology need. Students who have any questions pertaining to the Office of Information Technology are welcome to submit an IT ticket to itsupport@johnmarshall.edu or print a downloadable copy of the Office of Information Technology Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I access AJMLS exam software?
The AJMLS exam software is located on the school’s website. Click here. (Current Students >> Student Affairs and Pro Bono Programs >> Technology >> AJMLS Software).

How do I access my AJMLS email?
You can access your AJMLS email by clicking on “Webmail” found on the home page of the school’s web site. Enter your full email address for username, i.e. jdoe@johnmarshall.edu. Once you sign in, you can access your email account.

What do I do if I am not assigned an AJMLS email?
All AJMLS email accounts are created after you have paid your initial deposit. Account information is sent to you along with other admissions-related information by the AJMLS Admissions Department. If you have not received an AJMLS email account, please contact Admissions and/or the Office of the Registrar to verify your status.

Do you offer personal computer/software repairs? If so, at what cost?
Our department does not offer computer hardware or software repairs for legal reasons (e.g. voiding hardware warranties, etc.). We only troubleshoot software issues and make recommendations without uninstalling software. We recommend that a student purchase, at a minimum, a three-year warranty with their new computers.

Who do I contact if I am unable to access the AJMLS wireless internet?
To can contact the IT department, you can email the department or complete an online support form. For the quickest response, the best way to contact the IT department is to email the department at ITSupport@johnmarshall.edu. To access the request form on the school’s website, enter the “Technology” page and click on “IT Support Form.”

Who do I contact if I am unable to download the exam software?
For the quickest response, the best way to contact the IT Department is to email the department at ITSupport@johnmarshall.edu or you can call ExamSoft 966-429-8889.

Do you sell software?
No the IT Department does not sell software.

What is the turn-around time on IT support requests?
Generally, the turn-around time on IT support requests is 24-48 hours from the time a request is submitted. Turn-around time depends on the complexity of the request.

What software system(s) do you recommend my laptop have to ensure I am compatible with the AJMLS network?
A list of recommended software is available on the school’s website. To access this list, select “Recommended Software” under the “Technology” tab.

As a new student, what types of accounts will I automatically be set up for? What are the main accounts I will need to manage as a law student at AJMLS?
Primary accounts that are issued by the school to students include the following:

  • NetID – This is Windows Active Directory domain account that grants access to campus wireless network, shared network drives, office and lab computers, print services and other web resources (career services job search, student evaluations, etc.).
  • Google Apps – This is the campus email service for students, faculty, and staff.
  • CampusAnyware – Online Registration & Student Information Services. Your userID for CampusAnyware is your studentID or your SSN, and your PIN is your date of birth initially in this format (mmddyyyy). You will be prompted to change it when you login the first time.
  • Moodle – Online courses.

While the NetID and Google Apps accounts have the same username, they are separate. If you change the password on one account, the other doesn’t automatically change.