Approved Placements

Students are responsible for securing their own externship placement. Externships are permitted in government, judicial, non-profit entities, and private law firm (on a limited basis). The Office of Experiential Learning has compiled the list below of approved externship placement sites that have hired AJMLS students in the past or have indicated an interest in hiring AJMLS students. This list is not exhaustive and only includes some of the available placements. Many of the sites listed below may be found under more than one category of placement. Students should refer to the AJMLS Symplicity Database ( for available placement sites each semester; not all site opportunities are available every semester. The database information includes: a description of the extern’s work at the agency or court, contact information, application deadlines, requested materials, application methods, and any necessary prerequisites. Students are also able to search for a particular placement sites by geographic location and/or type of law.  You must be a current student to log into the database.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Law

Bankruptcy Law

Business Law

Child and Family Law

Civil Rights Law

Corporate Law

Court / Judicial Externships

Criminal Law

Election, Campaign and Political Law

Entertainment / Creative Arts and Sports Law

Environmental Law

Evening / Part-Time Students

General Practice

Government Agencies

Health Law

Immigration Law

Intellectual Property Law

Labor Law

Real Estate Law

Securities Law

Tax Law

Wills, Probate, Trusts and Estates Law

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