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“John Marshall’s externship program offers quality field placements that develop professional and practical skills while ensuring  successful and meaningful on-the-job performance.” Paul Nam, Graduate (’12)

Employment Statistics

Placement Statistics

Placement Rates for 2013 Graduates 85.8 %
    (as of 3/11/14)
Placement (Employment) Rates
Total 2013 Graduates 234
Graduates whose employment status is unknown 1
Graduates known to be employed 200
Graduates who are pursuing a graduate degree 3
Graduates who are unemployed and seeking employment 12
Graduates who are unemployed & NOT seeking employment 18
Of Employed – Law School Funded 7
 Type of Employment
Law Firms 109
Business & Industry 49
Government 28
Public Interest 6
Judicial Clerkship 2
Academia 4
Unknown 2
 Geographic Location
In State 166
Out-of-State 16
Unknown 18
Job Offer Sources (as of 7/2014)
Job Fairs/Consortia 9
Prior Non-Summer Job 15
Job Posting 23
Self Initiated Contact 103
Referral by Friend 29
Commercial Internet Job Site 1
Started Own Practice 18
Temporary Placement Agency 1
         Other                                                                                                           4

Previous Placement Statistics

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Internet Job Links

complete list of internet job and career information links is available. It includes six full pages of career related websites for all areas of interest.