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“John Marshall’s externship program offers quality field placements that develop professional and practical skills while ensuring  successful and meaningful on-the-job performance.” Paul Nam, Graduate (’12)

Third Year Books

For your convenience, each book title has been linked to its corresponding listing on Amazon. While every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of each link, please confirm each purchase with your book list to ensure you are purchasing the correct edition.

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Third Year Day

Course No. Course Title [Instructor] Author Publisher / Edition Req / Rec
D-175 Professional Responsibility (A) [Harrison] Schwartz, Wydick & Perschbacher West/10th Ed. Req.
Problems in Legal Ethics 9780314280497
D-175 Professional Responsibility (A) [Harrison] Dzienkowski West 2011-12 Abridged Ed. Req.
Professional Responsibility Standards, Rules & Statutes 9780314274687
D-175 Professional Responsibility (B) [Boone] Lerman Wolters Kluwer/3rd Req
Ethical Problems in the Practice of Law:  Concise Third Edition for Two-Credit Courses 9781454830702
D-175 Professional Responsibility (B) [Boone] ABA Book Publishing 2014 Rec
Model Rules of Professional Conduct 9781627225717
D-180 Remedies (A) [Tripp] Weaver West/2nd Ed. Req
Remedies: Cases, Practical Problems & Exercises 9780314194220
D-180 Remedies (B) [Baker] Laycock Aspen/4th Ed. Req
Modern American Remedies: Cases & Materials 9781454812555

Third Year Evening

Course No. Course Title [Instructor] Author Publisher / Edition Req / Rec
E-150 Business Organizations (Eve) [Gatewood] Chasalow West/1st Ed. Req.
Experiencing Business 9780314280497
E-155 Organizations Massey Aspen/4th Ed. Req.
American Constitutional Law: Powers and Liberties 9780314274687
E-171 Evidence I (Eve) [Karsai] Friedland LexisNexis/5th Ed. Req
Evidence Law and Practice, Cases and Materials 9781454830702
E-171 Evidence I (Eve) [Karsai] West/ 2014-2015 Ed. Req
Federal Rules of Evidence with Map 9781627225717
E-171 Evidence I (Eve) [Karsai] Weinstein LexisNexis/9th Ed. Rec
Weinstein’s Evidence Manual, Student Guide 9780314194220
E-171 Evidence I (Eve) [Karsai] Fishman LexisNexis/5th Ed. Rec
A Student’s Guide to Hearsay 9781454812555